It is increasingly clear that we have to show the multiple benefits the natural environment can provide, and make the most of those assets for the environment, for the economy and for society. The linked approaches of Green Infrastructure (GI) and Ecosystem Services are about understanding where these benefits are needed, and what natural features can best provide them.

At Red Rose Forest I led on Green Infrastructure and Ecosystem Services issues, developing new approaches and working with emerging methodologies for mapping assets and prioritising action. I have also worked on physical projects delivering multiple benefits.


  • I led on the technical aspects of the Manchester City Centre Green and Blue Infrastructure Analysis, part of the VALUE INTERREG project, mapping surface cover and GI needs
  • I produced the Greater Manchester Ecosystem Services Pinch Points Study, including developing new ‘logical frameworks’ for how various types of GI function in the City Region
  • I managed the Green Infrastructure for Water project, which has developed a new approach for identifying where specific actions are likely to have the greatest impact on water quality and quantity