Sometimes, a great project idea never takes off because it doesn’t grab the attention – and resources – of those who could make it happen. Or a project which has begun doesn’t achieve its potential through lack of clear and structured management.

I have developed a wide range of projects throughout my career, sometimes from ideas of my own but often taking other people’s ideas and building a strong project concept around them. As a non-specialist, I have a good overview of issues both within the environmental sector and outside it, and have shown I can link projects to wider agendas, broadening the pool of stakeholders and accessing new funding streams and other support.

I have also managed large and complex projects, including developing and using project management systems, project plans and governance structures.


  • I took low-key ideas for local site improvements and linked and expanded them into the concept behind Port Salford Greenway, which has so far had almost £1m of investment through a broad-based partnership
  • I managed the Setting the Scene for Growth project, a £4.5m brownfield improvement grant programme, developing systems for project initiation, monitoring and claims
  • I led on the development of the Red Rose Forest Business Plan, creating new systems and databases for managing project and funding